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Client: Virginoo
Industry: Trading & Distribution
Project: Brand Creation, Packing & Digital marketing
Business Case:
Building a strong brand that produces a group of products that compete in the beverage market, especially Turkish coffee, coffee mix, and cappuccino.
As the highly competition level in the Hot beverage Market in Egypt, we wanted to disrupt the beverage market in Egypt and create a mother brand that would be immediately identifiable and establish a sense of trust with the consumers. By building new, exciting and edgy sub-brands, “Virginoo’s” products are sure to penetrate the market, creating a niche for its products on shelves across the nation.
1-Naming Wanting to establish category dominance we suggested a number of names, with the client, finally agreeing to VIRGINOO – a name that is clear, memorable and claims ownership of the category.
2-Brand Creation and Packing
3- POSM creation
Current Situation::
On ground from Oct- 2019.