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Client: The BOX
Industry: Online-Food Retail South Africa
Project: Brand Creation, App. Design
Year: 2020
Business Case:
Building a strong brand to venture into the world of digital (online) food retail, through create a strong brand that has an international appeal.
Based on our research, working sessions and insights we identified a gap in the market between the actually exist food and grocery Apps and the building loyalty with consumers. The Box would thus be more attracted to clean, convenient, and good food.
A retail app is simply a software that lets sellers and buyers transact their business online, The apps also provide item price and reviews to customers and most importantly let them pay online minus the long store waiting. Retail apps come with a new shopping experience for both sellers and buyers.
1- Brand Creation
our approach builds on set category dominance we suggested, finally agreeing to The BOX – a name that is clear, memorable and claims ownership of the category.
2- Web Designs.
Current Situation:
Will be released in 2022